Here you’ll find colorful and stylish linens for your beloved home.

What is home? More than a simple shelter, it’s a place for memories and emotions. Unforgettable moments. Family and friends.  It’s a warm bath and a cozy bed. Your comfort spot… and it must be delightful!


If you’re like us, taking care of your home is a never-ending work in progress, and that’s not even a problem. We believe your house should reflect your character and drive harmony across every room, spreading joy and wellness to everyone.


Using only high-quality fabrics and unique designs, CUDDLE wants to be part of beautiful homes around the world.

Bedding Collections

Nights are going to be comfortable as never before. Warm up your bedroom with beautiful and luxurious sets of 100% cotton sateen. Our bedding collections are designed to offer you multiple combinations - get creative and mix sheets from different sets!

Bath Collections

Our terry towels are ready to beautify your bathroom. Every set is made of 100% cotton with a jacquard weave and a 500 gram weight. Available in four sizes – washcloth, guest towelhand towel and bath towel – these exclusive linens gives the perfect harmony of softness and absorbency.


Made In Portugal

Our team has been working with the portuguese Textile Industry for over 30 years. This geographic proximity, as well our extensive professional experience, allows us to follow closely every step of the different production stages, ensuring the premium quality of CUDDLE’s products.


Portugal is one of the largest textile exporters in the European Continent and recognized worldwide for the worth and innovative techniques of its industry. To face the increasing market competitiveness, portuguese textile factories are steadily investing in innovation and differentiation, more and more aimed to high-end markets, without ever compromising the expected excellence in their products.


Our Bath & Bed Linens, proudly made in Portugal, will certainly illustrate the high quality of the Portuguese Textile Industry.