Why Cuddle?





  1. hold close in one's arms as a way of showing love or affection.



  1. a prolonged and affectionate hug.



Like so many other families, what we always wanted was to give our home maximum comfort. To create a space where we feel at peace, where we can build memories with those we love most, where we feel protected and cozy. That feeling that no matter what happens, nothing takes us away. We call this feeling CUDDLE, and it was around it that we began to build our brand.


My name is Ricardo Fonseca and I created Cuddle Home from scratch, in partnership with my family's chemical company, so that we could have a stable family business. 'Affection' has always been one of the most significant words for our family, and in this way we created a brand that could transmit the same affection we have for each other to every home and family in the world.


Cuddle Home is a 100% Portuguese home textile brand. Our delicate textiles, with unique patterns designed by outstanding authors and produced with the highest quality fabric, make the difference between a house and a home, to provide you with the simple but special comfort that only a "cuddle" can achieve.


Why bedding? Well, the answer is simple, and it is reflected in two simple and famous words: Carpe Diem. We spend about a third of our life in bed. All this time should be used in the best way, and with the greatest comfort possible. And what better way to enjoy the comfort of our bed than diving into the comfort of an excellent duvet cover, the softness of a brand new set of sheets, and finally snuggle our face in the soft cover of a pillow. In addition to this varied collection of bedding sets, we also have available a line of bath towels with exclusive patterns and 100% cotton fabric, to transform a routine daily task into moments of pleasure and comfort.


As mentioned before, our brand is mainly aimed at the online sales market, where customers can browse our store at ease and discover all our products.


Over the past few years, Cuddle Home has not only evolved into a top quality bathroom and home textile design brand, but has also become our home and something that my family and I can always rely on.


I hope you enjoy it, because everything was done with the greatest dedication and affection!


Enjoy your shopping,



Ricardo Fonseca, CEO and Founder