Posted on 2020/04/13

Let's CUDDLE Portugal

>> use the code #ACONCHEGARPORTUGAL at checkout to help us with our campaign >>


The Coronavirus Pandemic is having a strong impact worldwide: despite the efforts of thousands of anonymous heroes, death, scarcity of resources and unemployment are beginning to haunt more and more people.


The textile sector, where we operate, is one of the largest and most important economic drivers in Portugal, responsible for thousands of jobs. At this moment, many of these companies are currently closed, with canceled orders and zero billing.


As Cuddle's values are based on family, union, affection and solidarity, our only path would be to help our community.


We all want the best for the people we love. And the comfort of home has never been more important to us all than it is at this moment.

How can we provide the best well-being for the ones we love? And how can we thank those who are at the forefront in battling this pandemic?

We cannot embrace them. So let's snuggle them up. Let's Cuddle Portugal.


Let's cuddle the mothers. Let's cuddle the kids. Let's cuddle the whole family. Let's cuddle doctors, nurses, cashiers, postmen, security forces, carriers, firefighters, and all the other anonymous heroes around the world.


Thus, Cuddle is trying to help SOS COVID-19 Portugal to obtain means to face this challenge, and as such we intend to donate as much as possible to this cause.

We intend to do this by lowering prices and donating all the profit, keeping for ourselves only the costs of production.


Thus, all of our premium home textiles have a 20% discount:just use the code #ACONCHEGARPORTUGAL when paying at the checkout. Profit margin will then be fully donated for the purchase of masks, gloves and shoe protectors to be delivered to 521 nursing homes and 190 units of long-term care that are part of the União das Misericórdias de Portugal.


You can see our bedding collections here. >>>

You can see our bath collections here >>>


Together, we will be able to help in several ways because:

- We'll support those who are at the frontline fighting the virus;

- We'll help to protect vulnerable people such as the elderly population;

- We'll help one of the main sectors of activity in Portugal, the textiles sector, to see its consequences minimized and to help ensure that workers do not lose their jobs or income;

- We'll offer moments of happiness and well-being to all the heroes who need to stay home.


Let's live the house. Let's love our family. It's time to #ACONCHEGARPORTUGAL.