Posted on 2020/01/28

Hygge: love your home

In these last years, with an increasing demand for comfort and a better quality of life, movements such as Hygge, Feng Shui and Nesting have been expanding. With an increasingly accelerated routine, there is a growing need to spend quality moments in our home and find the peace we need to face the next day.


Hygge (pronounced "rîgue", or "hu-ga") is a Scandinavian word that reflects a concept that, like the others mentioned above, focuses primarily on positive energy and comfort at home. Being aware of living a good time and paying attention to small gestures, creating intimacy with ourselves and our environment.


This concept could basically be translated into coziness, although it is more than that. It is a philosophy of life that aims at our well-being, making our home our temple.

Hygge's recipe is simple. Just rid your home of what doesn't suit you and create a cozy and comfortable environment. Using candles, flowers and keeping the house warm are some of the things that help make the space more intimate. Another idea of this philosophy is to value family furniture to rescue that same feeling of intimacy.


To complete, enjoy your temple, doing what you like to do most at home. Cook, read a book, have a romantic or family dinner, receive friends, play with your children, drink hot tea in your grandmother's cup or simply enjoy the silence by the fireplace. The ways of having fun at home and enjoying your time are very important.


Meik Wiking, author of "The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well", shares the ten principles of the Hygge Manifesto: Atmosphere, Presence, Pleasure, Equality, Gratitude, Harmony, Comfort, Truce, Togetherness and, finally, Shelter.


Danes are considered the happiest people on the planet. During winter, they spend a lot of time at home as they have only four hours of sunshine a day and average temperatures are around 0°C (0°C). Although it does not depend on material goods, decoration has become an ally of this secret for happiness, helping to make the atmosphere more pleasant. 

 mother and son spending quality time at home


Cuddle offers you this happiness through its home textile collections, which bring positive energy and comfort to your home. The different sets, designed by renowned authors, tell us stories that are comforting, promoting the sense of well-being so valued by Hygge. Since the happiness of people at home is one of our priorities, we develop our products in a way that respects the principles of this movement. We want to make the moment you arrive home the best of your day.


Find joy in the colors and patterns of the "Secret Garden" collection of bed linen and towels, authored by the renowned Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara. Find comfort in our bed linen, from sheets to duvet covers, in high quality fabrics and exclusive designs. Find peace in the softness of our cushion covers, for a night of quiet sleep. Find pleasure in the delicacy of our towels and surprise your guests with original items such as guest towels from the "Deep Quest" collection.


At Cuddle we believe in living the home and we present you, available for sale online, several collections of renowned authors, with unique designs. We propose various styles with a mix of classic and modern influences, as can be seen in the "Chalk Dust" and "Meadow Nest" collections, created by Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara, who imprints on her patterns a little of our tradition. Our products are made in Portugal and with the best fabrics, such as cotton, sateen and linen. This quality of excellence, present in the work of colors, the design and feel of the fabric, promises to bring you the perfect environment to start practicing Hygge.


Feel good at home. Enjoy the moments of warmth at home, alone or with those you love the most. Take care of your temple, relax and have fun. Love your home!


Couple sleeping with their newborn